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Authorities said it could have been out of revenge as his wife was reportedly having affairs Kim Higgins, a CPS caseworker, told the Morning News: 'There was never a time we went out and saw the kids and saw the home and talked to them and failed to do something.

The failure was really on everyone else in these kids' lives.'Sadly, escaping the Atkinsons was not the end of the abuse; in 2005, case workers encouraged her adoptive mother to relax her tight rein on her daughter and Lauren went to stay with Sabrina Kavanaugh's niece, her husband and their sons.'There were a lot of tough years in there,' Sabrina Kavanaugh, whose husband Bill died in 2003, told the Morning News.

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The state said there are additional charges it could file against Leffert because of that, but the plea agreement bars the prosecutors from pursuing any additional charges from information uncovered after the initial incident."Thank goodness someone came forward and exposed this hideous crime to the authorities," Meyer said.

She was potbellied with malnutrition and doctors had to use a feeding method devised for Holocaust victims.

Tortured: Lauren, who was 8 when she was found in 2001, weighed the same as a two-year-old.

If Leffert stays out of trouble in prison, she could be released in 33 years and 122 days. Additionally, she will be on supervised probation for two years and must register as a sexual offender and child predator.

She was ordered not to have contact with anyone younger than 16, including her victims.

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