How to overcome online dating addiction

"The key to overcoming any addiction in the long run is to address that psychological need in another way," Alter told me.

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Pornography addictions stem from a lot of causes; exposure to sexual materials too early, self-esteem issues, the need to escape, depression, and the inability to relax to name a few.

First, arm yourself with some physical (“outer”) filters — we love Circle from Disney for limiting and ensuring safe screen-time, and Vid Angel for filtering out harmful material from shows and movies.

You can also utilize “self-checkouts” and “pay-at-the-pump” options to avoid seeing inappropriate material in passing.

We will mention a lot of great resources here in the article, but please understand that this has nothing to do with you.

All of the thoughts of, “If only I were more attractive, then…” or “If only I could provide what they want sexually on my own, then…” or “If only I were more , then…” are simply not true.

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