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So I've set up this page to pay homeage to the classic prank calls of Mark Knofler.

If you have any information about Mark Knofler or his prank calls that you think would benefit this page, you can contact me.

This is how I received the mp3's and I don't have the unedited clips.

For the purpose of this site, edited clips are probably best anyway. And if you enjoy these prank calls, be sure to check out the Phone Losers of America prank phone calls.

If you'd prefer to make a general comment about phonelosers.org, try signing our guestbook instead. In the tapes I got (way) back in the late 80s, I distinctly recall MK calling Charlie a dumb fucking nigger. Everything posted here was on it except for parts of SLEEPING & SMEGMA PICNIC. The rumor at the time was that MK was a student at UVA and that he made the calls from his dorm room. There is no Odessa, VA and Mellon Bank was not operating in Virginia then. 12/01/05 - jmoo from NC: Why is some of this stuff edited out??? I started hearing it again in emails later on when the net took off.

I too had the tape with Charlie Knighten and Amanda White along with oldschool Jerky Boys recordings. My roommate and I then started calling everyone we knew to come up to our room to listen to it, and to a man, everyone who did was in tears from laughing so hard. The guy making the calls is a good friend who is from KY.06/13/05 - Brad from AL: I remember these calls from the early 90's - hilarious. 06/10/05 - ZEPPIE0802 from Decatur, IL: Ahh the memories. " 04/15/05 - kevimetal from usa: Hey Mike D from Kentucky, no thanks to you for posting that bullshit, either you're lying or your friend is lying to you. However, this might lead us to the real Mark Knofler. 03/27/05 - Mike B from Austin Texas: I got cut off there- anyways, I did a whole lot of internet searching and I found a website that has the Knopfler calls to listen to online: the site is Hell Charlie Knighten and Laydonna Knighten are probably dead by now. ....anybody knows, please post it and also, if anyone has received a copy from someone on this site, can u list their credibility on here? you somva bitch you, whatchoo,ooh you, who you talkin to? 02/24/05 - Craig, from work from Grand Rapids: My friends and I still use the vernacular today. "I got you riled up, Jack" lol 02/13/05 - kevimetal from USA: if you want a real clincher that I don't want to publish here, email me at the username I used here at (not typing my email address out here to avoid spam-bots) 02/13/05 - kevimetal from USA: Hey Howard Hughes, can you offer some proof? Fact: by listening to the calls and using the most basic detective skills and tools on the web, you can find some of his victims. hahahaha 02/06/05 - George Mitchell from DC: Yeah, Gregg Turkington is a known prankster around that time. He could have very easily made the calls anywhere at anytime. This guy has a Delaware (US state) accent, CLEARLY. they're funny as shit though and i still enjoy them to this day!!!To those who think Charlie is probably dead now: Look up Charlie Knighton on Garfield Dr. The crickets chirping, the glow of campfire coals, and those six wonderful words out of nowhere; "I'LL GO DOWN ON YOUR P***Y! Knopfler provided the CVV crew many a drunken laugh in 1992. We've already established that MK is from Delaware. artist_id=49 EVERYBODY SHOULD GIVE ME PROPS FOR THIS FIND!!!!!! Amanda White has divorced that prick who married her too. ------------------and does anyone know what he tells her that Charlie told him..,3,4....don't be talkin about my mama 03/04/05 - Riled Up Jack from north Mc Donalds: There used to be a whole bunch of pranks on this site that WERE NOT KNOPF--they have been removed and ALL of the pranks listed currently ARE MARK--------she ain't fu*kin' married 03/02/05 - Your Name from Your Location: For those who think that some of these calls aren't Knopfler - you haven't heard the entire tape. I cant look at a menu without mentioning filet mignon, broiled lobster tail, corn-on-the-cob, and marinated zucchini. Goodwill games (In MK) and the change from new Coke original classic happened around the same time (In great phone calls). And, GT does have a wierd one which you can't place really. However, if you listen to Neil Hamburger, his voice is pretty low now. 02/16/05 - Kevimetal from USA: hey Howard Hughes, I checked out Gregg, and I have to disagree with your conclusions. Offer some proof if you're gonna dispute my reserach. He probably doesn't want to be unmasked since he actually put the victims' real names in the tape. He talks about working in Odessa, and there are several mentions of other towns in the central/southern delaware area. 01/30/05 - Yer Wife Right from NE Ohio: I have a knoplfer tape I obtained in the summer of 88 or 89 when i was 10 or 11,it contains all the ones on the missing list except for model release forms and the ones after that..tape i have is awesome tho...voices are slowed down a bit, but ti's so fun to listen to after having it for 16 or 17 years 01/28/05 - Remo from Atlanta, GA: WOW! The others, I don't know who they are but they aren't Mark Knofler. I also would like to find out who the guy really was.(understatement) () SMEGMA PICNIC "What the hell do you mean by telling my daugther she can't be in the class play? Some people have tried to claim that his calls from the 60's or 70's, but this can't be true since Mark references modern 80's things, such as automatic redial, VCRs (taping the Goodwill games) and touch tone dialing. Got it from some buddies that went to UVA in Charlottesville. 12/01/05 - chip from raleigh: no joke, my cousin found this tape in a display tape player at sears back in the early 90's. Well, I first heard it tagged on to a band's demo from Virginia named Brain Salad (G-Dead type jam thing) in the fall of 1990.Feel free to post your own comments about the Mark Knofler page by using the form below. I have read through this board and not seen any mention of the original, unedited version of the Charlie Knighton call containing MK calling Charlie a nigger. It became a huge hit with everyone I played it for. i dubbed several copies for my friends and this has been a source of humor for years now! I might even have one (and a couple of better quality copies of a couple of these.) If I find it them I will send them to you. I thought that it was a friend of theirs, and considering the timing, it might have been.

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