Oberlin dating scene

Against Wesleyan, Oberlin's rate is 25 percent.Against Vassar, 37 percent; Carleton, 41 percent; Grinnell, 42 percent.

Much of the plan would seem unobjectionable -- its focus is on improving academic quality.

But Oberlin has released various documents that outline the kinds of challenges the college faces as it seeks to define itself.

For example, consider yield rates -- the percentage of admitted applicants who enroll.

While these statistics upset many on the Oberlin campus, they don't shock admissions experts elsewhere.

Joan Casey, a private admissions counselor in Brookline, Mass., said that while students she works with think of Oberlin as a very good college, many students "don't want to go to school in what they would call the middle of nowhere." (While Oberlin boasts a remarkable cultural scene, in large part courtesy of the conservatory, it is in rural Ohio, 40 miles from Cleveland.)Michael London, the founder of College Coach, a nationwide private admissions service, said that he too thinks of Oberlin as a very strong college.

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