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After the family makes a final decision, Drew leads them through the process of bidding on and purchasing a home.

Once a purchase is made, Jonathan and his team begin renovations.

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But despite their hypervisibility, they're both strangely mysterious. MUST SEE: 'Property Brothers' Moments You Probably Didn't Know Are Staged Probably the most surprising thing about the twins is their intellect.

The series features identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses and negotiates their purchases.

Jonathan then uses computer-generated imagery to illustrate his imagined vision for the home after significant renovations.

The graphics are made by an outside company using Neezo Renders software at a cost of about ,000 per episode.

a plane flying overhead), to highlight how protracted problems were resolved, or because the cameras did not capture the real-time shot.

Originally, each episode started with Drew showing potential homebuyers a house with everything on their wish list, only to later reveal that the house was outside of their reach financially.

However, beginning with season 6 (10), Drew began to explain from the start that the home would exceed their budget, and should only serve as inspiration.

However, he's found love recently and is now dating producer Jacinta Kuznetsov. HGTV Shows — Here's Your Foolproof Guide to the Network's Most Popular Series!

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television series produced by Cineflix, and is the original show in the Property Brothers franchise.

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